UCAS Application Form Filling Guide - How to Apply for UK Universities In 2024


We often hear that university life is going to be the best time. Students have various expectations and think of performing dream activities at the university level. Then comes a time when you are about to fill out the UCAS application form after completing your 12th-grade studies. 

However, the story does not end here. Taking admission to a university comes with hectic tasks of browsing, finding the best universities, searching relevant courses, considering university ranking, and most importantly, the admission essay writing, which is itself asking for your energy.

Many students want to avoid this hustle and look for shortcuts to make this difficult task easier. That's what this guide is meant for. Instead of being scared by this harmful picture while looking from a distance, know the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to go through it smoothly.

Furthermore, if you are overwhelmed and think you can't write the best application essay for securing your admission, get help from admission essay writing services.

Overall Score of Top Universities in The UK 2023

According to Statista, The University of Oxford ranked the best university in the United Kingdom in 2023 by overall score. The overall score of the University of Oxford was 1000; the ratio was even higher than that of the University of Cambridge, which scored 995. A graphical representation of the universities vs the students enrolled in 2023 can be given as,

Understanding the UCAS Undergraduate Application Form 2024 

If you are applying for a bachelor's or master's program at a UK university, don't think the process would be like the one you have done for US universities. Most of the students applying for UK universities find the process really confusing. They learned about the UCAS application form in 2024 after going through various websites, taking assistance from YouTube videos, or listening to senior colleagues.

For instance, you may wonder about the UCAS undergraduate application form. How to fill in the UCAS application form? Several other concerns also need to be addressed before you start the process.

UCAS stands for University and College Admissions Services. According to the London School of Economics and Political Science, UCAS is the main document on which the university's decision to grant you admission depends. Anyone wishing to be admitted to a full-time UK degree must apply via UCAS. Once you have filled out the form, it is sent to the university, and they further review it for administrative purposes.

How to Apply for A Bachelor's Degree in UK 2024?

When students start the application process for a bachelor's in the UK, they can fill out the application form via three application systems.

  • UCAS application form

  • Common App

  • University direct online application

UCAS Application Form for Undergraduate Courses

UCAS is the main application system that all students and universities follow for bachelor's admissions. You can apply to 5 universities in this system, and each university deadline must be considered when you are applying. 

For instance, if you intend to apply to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the deadline is in mid-October 2023. Many universities also offer rolling admissions, but you have to make sure that you can apply as soon as possible. This will give you enough time to apply for funding or a student visa.

Application Requirements for January 2024 Entry

Studying in the UK is always the best choice because of the ample opportunities offered by the diverse environment, the high-quality education system, and future security. However, you must pass the entrance test to secure the admission. The entry test is divided into,

  • Language proficiency test

  • Academic test

  • Letter of motivation

Language Proficiency Test

Language proficiency tests your English speaking, listening, and writing skills. You can easily get it from your university if your previous studies were in English. There are other equivalent English tests, such as IELTS and TAFEL. You need to score at least 6.6-7 bands to be accepted by the university. 

Academic Tests

The academic test is meant to test your previous academic performance. For different course studies, there are different tests to be undertaken. According to Leap Scholars, the following are the academic exams as a part of the UCAS application form to be passed to secure admission. 

  • LNAT Exam – National Admissions Test for Law

  • Cambridge Law Test

  • BMAT Exam – Biomedical Admissions Test

  • GAMSAT Exam – Graduate Medical School Admissions Test

  • HPAT Exam – Health Professions Admissions Test

  • UKCAT Exam – UK Clinical Aptitude Test

Letter of Motivation

Another crucial requirement is the letter of motivation written by the student as a personal statement essay. It describes why you are a perfect match for the academic position. Furthermore, in some universities, admission solely depends on this letter. So, it must be written with the utmost attention, or you can get admission essay writing services from professional essay writers.

How to Apply for A Master's Degree in UK 2024?

The admission process for a master's is almost similar to a bachelor's, but with some exceptions. For instance, the UCAS application system is specifically meant for bachelors. Most universities ask to apply for a master's directly via the university portal. 

However, recently admission application form for international students of UCAS added a master's option. Not all the universities are present here. So, you must ensure that when you start applying, you are supposed to apply directly or via the UCAS application form.

Application Requirements for Master's Degree

The application process is similar, with some extra requirements compared to a bachelors. It may include,

  • Your curriculum vitae

  • A detailed portfolio

  • Research proposal 

  • References from previous company or university professors

If you are an international student, then include,

  • Passport copy

  • Language proficiency if you are not a native speaker

Furthermore, fulfil the requirement of the UCAS application form if you want the process to go smoothly and swiftly. In this way, you can save the time administration has to ask you repeatedly about missing documents.

How to Fill Out A UCAS Application Form - 10-Step Guide

Start the application process by visiting the UCAS official website. You can easily complete the application form by following the 10 steps mentioned below: 

  1. Sign up here and make an account

  2. Fill in all the necessary details

  3. Some additional information in the UCAS application form needs to be filled in by the UK applicants only

  4. Look for student finance (UK and EU applicants only)

  5. Make your course choice

  6. Provide educational history 

  7. Provide employment history

  8. Attach personal statement with UCAS application form 

  9. Go through the application to take a final look

  10. Pay your fee and send your application

You can also consider the UCAS sample application form for a better understanding to make the process easier for you. However, if you change your mind after securing admission, UCAS provides an application cancellation request form for a refund within 14 days of applying. 

Applying to UK Universities in Simple 10 Steps

The process is easy, with some essential key steps to be followed. To facilitate aspirants regarding UCAS application form study.eu structured the process into 10 steps given below: 

  1. Find the relevant master's program in UK Universities

  2. Check if it is taught or a research-based degree

  3. Consider its tuition fee

  4. Consult the checklist for admission requirements

  5. Prepare your application form along with the required documents

  6. Submit your UCAS application form as soon as possible

  7. Find scholarships and know how to fund your research

  8. Apply for a student visa

  9. Find an appropriate budget-friendly accommodation

  10. Plan your trip

How to Find the Relevant Course and Desired University in the UK 2024?

You can browse the top universities in the UK offering the relevant courses. However, there are some shortcuts too. 

UK University Match Quiz

The UCAS application form-filling process gets easier with this platform. Some basic questions are asked on the portal regarding your interests, which can direct you to the top 5 best matches in the UK. This way, it will be easy to browse the university site and then search for departments and courses offered by relevant institutions. 

UK University Search Engine

The UK University's search engine is meant to help students make a rich choice for their future. These are free apprenticeships and websites to empower students to make the right choices. 

Wrapping Up

You may have been concerned about the UCAS application form and found it really confusing. The whole admission process in the UK is daunting, but not after this guide. We have explained all key steps in detail. So, before it gets too late to secure your position in UK universities, just because you are unaware of the process, don't delay it anymore.

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